The New One Minute Manager Book Summary

by Ken Blanchard, Spencer Johnson, M.D.12


The New One Minute Manager offers updated management techniques that focus on clear goals, quick praisings, and brief reprimands, making it relevant for today's fast-paced work environment.

What is The New One Minute Manager about

The New One Minute Manager, authored by Ken Blanchard and Spencer Johnson, is a revised edition of the classic business guide that aims to help modern readers succeed in a rapidly changing world. The book retains its original parable style, narrating the journey of a young man in search of effective management techniques. The revised edition addresses the exponential rise of technology, global market changes, and increased corporate pressures, providing three practical secrets for effective leadership: One Minute Goals, One Minute Praisings, and One Minute Reprimands. These updated principles are designed to help managers lead more effectively and employees become more engaged.

The New One Minute Manager 5 Key Takeaways

One Minute Goals

Setting clear and concise goals that can be reviewed in just a minute. This ensures that everyone knows their responsibilities and what is expected from them, fostering productivity and focus.

One Minute Praisings

Praising employees immediately and specifically when they do something right. This quick recognition boosts morale, reinforces positive behaviors, and encourages continuous improvement.

One Minute Reprimands

Delivering immediate and brief reprimands when employees err. This quick feedback helps address issues promptly, ensuring they understand the mistake while still feeling valued and supported.

Adaptability to Change

The book emphasizes the need for managers to adapt to technological advancements, global market changes, and increased pressures, guiding them to stay relevant and effective.


The techniques encourage managers to empower their employees, making them more engaged, proactive, and responsible for their tasks, leading to better overall performance.

The New One Minute Manager Best Reviews

  • The New One Minute Manager is an insightful and essential read for anyone in a leadership role. Its timeless principles, updated for today's fast-paced world, offer practical advice that is easy to implement and highly effective. – Forbes
  • Blanchard and Johnson have crafted a brilliant update to their classic, providing valuable insights into modern management techniques that are both simple and profound. – Harvard Business Review

Top The New One Minute Manager Quotes

  • People who feel good about themselves produce good results.
  • The best minute I spend is the one I invest in people.
  • Feedback is the breakfast of champions.

Who should read The New One Minute Manager?

The New One Minute Manager is ideal for managers, team leaders, and business professionals seeking effective leadership strategies. It's also beneficial for anyone interested in personal development and improving their management skills to adapt to the modern workplace.

About the Author

Ken Blanchard is an acclaimed business consultant, speaker, and author known for his expertise in leadership and management. Spencer Johnson, M.D., was an esteemed author and physician, renowned for his ability to distill complex concepts into simple, practical wisdom. Together, they have authored several best-selling books that have transformed the way people approach management and leadership.

The New One Minute Manager FAQs

What are the three main points in The New One Minute Manager book?

The three main points are One Minute Goals, One Minute Praisings, and One Minute Reprimands. These techniques help set clear expectations, provide immediate feedback, and correct mistakes promptly.

What is The New One Minute Manager summary?

The book focuses on setting clear, concise goals, providing quick praisings for achievements, and delivering brief reprimands for mistakes. These techniques aim to enhance productivity, engagement, and adaptability in the workplace.

What is the theme of The New One Minute Manager?

The theme revolves around effective management through quick and clear goal-setting, immediate positive reinforcement, and prompt corrective feedback. The book emphasizes adaptability and empowerment in the modern workplace.