Anne of Green Gables Book Summary

by L. M. Montgomery

by L. M. Montgomery26


Anne of Green Gables tells the heartwarming story of Anne Shirley, an imaginative orphan girl who transforms the lives of the Cuthberts and the community of Avonlea with her spirited personality.

What is Anne of Green Gables about

Anne of Green Gables, written by L. M. Montgomery, is a classic Canadian novel that follows the life of Anne Shirley, a spirited and imaginative orphan. The story begins when the elderly Cuthberts, Marilla and Matthew, mistakenly receive Anne instead of the boy they intended to adopt to help with their farm. Set in the picturesque Prince Edward Island, the book captures Anne’s adventures, her trials, her friendships, and her path to finding a true sense of belonging. The narrative is rich in humor, emotion, and vivid descriptions of nature, making it a timeless coming-of-age tale.

Anne of Green Gables 7 Key Takeaways

Arrival at Green Gables

Anne Shirley arrives at Green Gables by mistake instead of the boy Marilla and Matthew Cuthbert intended to adopt. Despite initial reservations, they decide to keep Anne, setting the stage for her transformative impact on their lives.

Adapting to Avonlea

Anne faces the challenge of fitting into the conservative society of Avonlea. Her vivid imagination and tendency to get into scrapes make her both endearing and exasperating to the community.

Friendship with Diana Barry

Anne forms a close bond with Diana Barry, whom she refers to as her 'bosom friend.' Their friendship is a central element of the novel, offering both companionship and challenges.

Conflict with Gilbert Blythe

Anne’s initial antagonism towards Gilbert Blythe, who teases her about her red hair, evolves throughout the novel. Their rivalry in school spurs Anne to excel academically.

Academic Achievements

Anne's hard work and intelligence lead her to excel in her studies, earning a scholarship to further her education. This accomplishment marks her growth and determination.

Marilla's Softening

Over time, Marilla's stern demeanor softens as she grows to love Anne deeply. This transformation highlights the profound impact Anne has on those around her.

Tragic Loss and Decision

The sudden death of Matthew Cuthbert forces Anne to make a critical choice about her future. She decides to stay at Green Gables to support Marilla, showing her maturity and sense of responsibility.

Anne of Green Gables Best Reviews

  • The New York Times praised Anne of Green Gables for its 'vivid, endearing characters and richly detailed setting,' noting that 'Montgomery’s novel remains a timeless tale of personal growth and the power of imagination.'
  • The Guardian highlighted the book’s 'charming blend of humor and pathos,' calling it 'a wonderfully uplifting story that captures the essence of childhood and the journey to self-discovery.'

Top Anne of Green Gables Quotes

  • 'Isn't it nice to think that tomorrow is a new day with no mistakes in it yet?'
  • 'I'm so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers.'

Who should read Anne of Green Gables?

Anne of Green Gables is ideal for readers of middle school age and above. While younger readers may enjoy the story when read aloud, older readers, including adults, will appreciate Anne's growth, the novel’s humor, and its deeper themes of identity, belonging, and resilience.

About the Author

Lucy Maud Montgomery, born in 1874 on Prince Edward Island, Canada, is best known for her Anne of Green Gables series. An accomplished author, Montgomery published numerous novels, short stories, and poems throughout her career. Her works often reflect her deep connection to Prince Edward Island’s landscapes and her exploration of themes such as identity, belonging, and the power of imagination. Montgomery’s writing continues to captivate readers, making her a beloved figure in Canadian literature.

Anne of Green Gables FAQs

What is the book Anne of Green Gables about?

Anne of Green Gables is a coming-of-age story about Anne Shirley, an imaginative orphan girl who finds a home with the Cuthberts in Avonlea and transforms their lives with her spirited personality.

Is Anne of Green Gables an adult book?

While Anne of Green Gables is considered a classic children's novel, it is written for all ages and offers themes and depth that appeal to adult readers as well.

How many Anne of Green Gables books did L. M. Montgomery write?

L. M. Montgomery wrote eight books in the Anne of Green Gables series, continuing Anne's story over several decades.