Pig the Slob (Pig the Pug) Book Summary

by Aaron Blabey14


Pig the Slob by Aaron Blabey is a humorous and engaging picture book about a lazy pug named Pig who learns a valuable lesson about the dangers of sloth and overindulgence.

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What is Pig the Slob (Pig the Pug) about

Pig the Slob follows the story of Pig, an incredibly lazy pug who spends his days lounging on the couch, binging on snacks, and watching TV. Despite Trevor's attempts to get him to play and be active, Pig refuses to move. The story takes a humorous turn when an unexpected event forces Pig to get up and be active, leading to a significant change in his behavior. The book is part of the popular 'Pig the Pug' series by Aaron Blabey, known for its rhythmic text and memorable illustrations.

Pig the Slob (Pig the Pug) 5 Key Takeaways


The primary theme of 'Pig the Slob' revolves around the perils of laziness and the importance of maintaining an active lifestyle. Through Pig's humorous journey, children learn the value of balance and moderation.


The main characters are Pig, the lazy and indulgent pug, and Trevor, his more active and health-conscious friend. Their dynamic highlights the contrast between sloth and activity.


Aaron Blabey's illustrations are vibrant and animated, effectively bringing the characters and their antics to life. The exaggerated expressions and humorous depictions add to the book's appeal.

Rhyming Text

The book's rhythmic and rhyming text makes it an engaging read for children, enhancing their reading experience and making the story more memorable.


Humor is a key element throughout the book, with Pig's exaggerated laziness and the resulting consequences providing plenty of laughs for both children and adults.

Pig the Slob (Pig the Pug) Best Reviews

  • Kirkus Reviews praises 'Pig the Slob' for its 'hilarious illustrations and catchy rhyming text,' noting that it delivers a valuable lesson in a fun and engaging way.

Top Pig the Slob (Pig the Pug) Quotes

  • "Pug was a Pug, and I'm sorry to say, he was shockingly lazy. Such a shameful display..."

Who should read Pig the Slob (Pig the Pug)?

This book is ideal for young children and early readers who enjoy humorous stories with vibrant illustrations. It also serves as a useful tool for parents and educators to discuss the importance of an active lifestyle and moderation in habits.

About the Author

Aaron Blabey is an internationally bestselling author-illustrator known for his 'Pig the Pug' series, as well as the 'Bad Guys' series. His work is praised for its humor, engaging illustrations, and rhyming text. Blabey's books have won numerous awards and are beloved by children worldwide.

Pig the Slob (Pig the Pug) FAQs

What lesson does 'Pig the Slob' teach?

'Pig the Slob' teaches children about the dangers of laziness and the importance of maintaining an active lifestyle. It uses humor to convey a message about balance and moderation.

Is 'Pig the Slob' part of a series?

Yes, 'Pig the Slob' is part of the 'Pig the Pug' series by Aaron Blabey, which includes other titles such as 'Pig the Winner,' 'Pig the Elf,' and 'Pig the Fibber.'