Revolutionary Road Book Summary

by Richard Yates40


Revolutionary Road by Richard Yates is a poignant, unflinching exploration of a suburban couple's struggle with conformity, dissatisfaction, and personal failure in 1950s America.

What is Revolutionary Road about

Revolutionary Road, written by Richard Yates, delves into the lives of Frank and April Wheeler, a seemingly perfect suburban couple of the 1950s. The novel dissects the disintegration of their marriage as they grapple with unfulfilled dreams and the stifling conventionality of their lives. Frank is stuck in a monotonous job that he despises, while April is suffocated by her role as a housewife. The couple's plan to escape to Paris symbolizes their desperation for renewal and fulfillment. However, their dreams unravel as they confront harsh realities, leading to tragic consequences. Yates' masterful narrative provides a raw and compassionate look into the human condition and the complexities of suburban life.

Revolutionary Road 6 Key Takeaways

Introduction to the Wheelers

Frank and April Wheeler present themselves as a sophisticated, ambitious couple living in suburban Connecticut. However, beneath this facade, both harbor deep dissatisfaction with their lives.

Unfulfilled Dreams

Frank is trapped in a dull office job, and April feels unfulfilled as a housewife. Their frustrations culminate in a plan to move to Paris, where they hope to rediscover their passions and potential.

Plan for Escape

The Wheelers' plan to move to Paris becomes a beacon of hope. They believe this move will allow them to escape the mediocrity of suburban life and achieve something greater.

Conflicts and Realizations

As the plan progresses, tensions rise between Frank and April. Frank gets a tempting job offer, and April becomes pregnant again, leading to a rift and exposing their deep-seated issues.

April's Tragic End

April's despair drives her to attempt a self-abortion, resulting in her death from blood loss. This tragic event leaves Frank shattered and guilt-ridden, marking the end of their dreams.

Frank's Descent

In the aftermath of April's death, Frank is left a hollow shell of a man, reflecting on the lost potential and dreams that they once cherished.

Revolutionary Road Best Reviews

  • 'The Great Gatsby of my of the best books by a member of my generation.' — Kurt Vonnegut
  • 'A moving and absorbing story.' — The Atlantic Monthly

Top Revolutionary Road Quotes

  • 'If you wanted to do something absolutely honest, something true, it always turned out to be a thing that had to be done alone.'
  • 'No one forgets the truth; they just get better at lying.'

Who should read Revolutionary Road?

Revolutionary Road is ideal for readers interested in character-driven narratives that explore the complexities of human relationships, societal expectations, and personal failures. It's a compelling read for those who appreciate literary fiction that provides a raw, honest look at the struggles of conforming to societal norms.

About the Author

Richard Yates was an acclaimed American novelist and short story writer. Born in 1926, he is best known for his debut novel, Revolutionary Road, which was a finalist for the National Book Award. Yates' writing often focuses on themes of disillusionment and the struggles of the individual within society. Despite his critical success, he did not achieve widespread commercial success during his lifetime. His works have since gained recognition for their profound impact and enduring relevance in American literature.

Revolutionary Road FAQs

What's the story Revolutionary Road about?

Revolutionary Road follows Frank and April Wheeler, a suburban couple in the 1950s, as they struggle with unfulfilled dreams and the pressures of conformity, leading to tragic consequences.

What is the message of Revolutionary Road?

The novel examines how codependence and unfulfilled dreams can deteriorate a marriage, leading individuals to lose their sense of self and happiness.

What happened to the wife in Revolutionary Road?

April attempts to self-abort her pregnancy, which results in her death from blood loss, leaving Frank devastated and guilt-ridden.