No, David! Book Summary

by David Shannon10


No, David! by David Shannon depicts a young boy's mischievous antics, followed by his mother's enduring love and patience.

What is No, David! about

No, David! is a children's picture book written and illustrated by David Shannon. The book portrays a young boy named David engaging in various naughty and mischievous behaviors, leading to constant reprimands from his mother. Despite his constant mischief, the story concludes with a heartwarming moment of parental love and affection. Published in 1998, this semi-autobiographical work draws on Shannon's own childhood experiences and addresses themes of disobedience, discipline, and unconditional love.

No, David! 5 Key Takeaways

Theme of Disobedience

The book captures common disobedient behaviors in young children, such as drawing on walls or playing with food, which many parents can relate to.

Parental Patience

Despite David's constant misbehavior, his mother exhibits patience throughout the book, emphasizing the importance of parental endurance in guiding young children.

Unconditional Love

The narrative concludes with David's mother offering a hug, reinforcing the idea that parental love remains steadfast regardless of a child's actions.

Illustration Style

Shannon's vibrant and expressive illustrations vividly depict David's antics, adding humor and engagement for young readers.

Semi-Autobiographical Elements

The book is inspired by Shannon's own childhood experiences, adding a personal touch that resonates with both children and adults.

No, David! Videos

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No, David! Best Reviews

  • Kirkus Reviews praised 'No, David!' for its humorous and relatable depiction of a child's unruly behavior, combined with expressive and lively illustrations that capture the essence of childhood mischief.

Top No, David! Quotes

  • "No, David!"
  • "Yes, David, I love you!"

Who should read No, David!?

Young children aged 2-5 years, as well as parents and educators. The book offers a playful yet meaningful way to discuss behaviors, consequences, and the unwavering nature of parental love.

About the Author

David Shannon is an acclaimed author and illustrator known for his humorous and engaging children's books. He received the Caldecott Honor for 'No, David!' and has written several other popular titles, including 'David Goes to School' and 'David Gets in Trouble'. Shannon's works often draw on his personal experiences, adding authenticity and relatability to his stories.

No, David! FAQs

What's the main idea of No, David!?

The main idea is to depict a young boy's naughty antics and the theme of parental love and patience, showing that children are loved unconditionally despite their misbehavior.

What grade level is No, David! book?

The book is suitable for children in preschool to 3rd grade, typically aged 2-5 years.

Is No, David! about ADHD?

While 'No, David!' is not specifically about ADHD, its depiction of a highly energetic and mischievous child can be relatable for those familiar with ADHD behaviors.