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by R.T. France12


R.T. France's 'The Gospel of Matthew' provides a contemporary translation and insightful commentary on the first book of the New Testament, focusing on Jesus' life, teachings, and rejection by the Jews.

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What is The Gospel of Matthew about

R.T. France's 'The Gospel of Matthew' is a scholarly yet accessible commentary on one of the most significant books of the New Testament. France offers his own translation of the text, using modern language to enhance clarity and understanding. The book delves into the life and ministry of Jesus Christ, presenting Him as Israel's long-awaited Messiah who is ultimately rejected by His own people. France's commentary also explores the theological themes and historical context of the Gospel, making it a valuable resource for both scholars and lay readers.

The Gospel of Matthew 5 Key Takeaways

Jesus as the Messiah

The Gospel of Matthew presents Jesus as the fulfillment of Old Testament prophecies, emphasizing His role as Israel's long-awaited Messiah.

Rejection by the Jews

Despite Jesus’ miraculous works and teachings, He is ultimately rejected by the Jewish people, a central theme in Matthew's narrative.

The Great Commission

After His resurrection, Jesus commands His disciples to spread His teachings to all nations, highlighting the universal nature of His message.

Use of Old Testament

Matthew frequently references and fulfills Old Testament scriptures, showing continuity between Jewish tradition and the new Christian faith.

Ethical Teachings

The Gospel contains Jesus' ethical teachings, such as the Sermon on the Mount, which provide moral guidance for His followers.

The Gospel of Matthew Best Reviews

  • France's translation and commentary bring a fresh perspective to the Gospel of Matthew, making it accessible without sacrificing scholarly depth. - New Testament Studies Journal
  • R.T. France's work is a valuable resource for anyone seeking to understand the theological and historical context of Matthew's Gospel. - Biblical Archaeology Review

Top The Gospel of Matthew Quotes

  • "The record of the genealogy of Jesus the Messiah, the son of David, the son of Abraham" (Matthew 1:1).
  • "Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit" (Matthew 28:19).

Who should read The Gospel of Matthew?

This book is ideal for theologians, biblical scholars, and lay Christians who seek a deeper understanding of the Gospel of Matthew. It offers historical insights, theological analysis, and practical applications, making it a comprehensive guide for study and reflection.

About the Author

R.T. France (1938-2012) was a respected British New Testament scholar and Anglican cleric. He taught at several prestigious institutions, including the University of Oxford and Wycliffe Hall. France authored numerous works on the New Testament, with a particular focus on the Gospels. His expertise and clear writing style have made his books essential resources for biblical studies.

The Gospel of Matthew FAQs

What book is the Gospel of Matthew in?

The Gospel of Matthew is the first book of the New Testament of the Bible and one of the three synoptic Gospels. It narrates how Jesus, Israel's Messiah, is rejected by His people and later sends His disciples to the gentiles.

Who actually wrote the Gospel of Matthew?

Traditionally, the Gospel of Matthew has been attributed to St. Matthew the Evangelist, one of the twelve Apostles and a tax collector. It was composed in Greek, likely after 70 CE, and shows evidence of dependence on the earlier Gospel of Mark.

What is the main message of the Gospel of Matthew?

The main message of the Gospel of Matthew is to present Jesus as the King and Israel's long-awaited Messiah. This theme is evident from the opening genealogy, which traces Jesus' lineage to David and Abraham.