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by Margaret Wise Brown16


A soothing bedtime story, 'Goodnight Moon' follows a little bunny saying goodnight to various familiar objects and creatures in a softly lit room before drifting off to sleep.

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What is Goodnight Moon about

'Goodnight Moon,' written by Margaret Wise Brown, is a timeless classic in children’s literature. Set in a cozy, softly lit room, the story follows a little bunny who says goodnight to various objects and creatures in his surroundings. Through its quiet poetry and gentle illustrations, the book creates a calming atmosphere perfect for bedtime. Published in 1947, it introduced a new style of 'here-and-now' storytelling that resonated with children by reflecting their everyday lives.

Goodnight Moon 5 Key Takeaways


The central theme of 'Goodnight Moon' is the comforting routine of bedtime rituals. The act of saying goodnight to familiar objects creates a sense of closure and peace.


The book’s poetic text and rhythmic structure offer a soothing cadence, ideal for calming children before sleep. The repetition of phrases enhances the lullaby-like quality.


The gentle, lulling illustrations by Clement Hurd complement the text beautifully, using a palette that shifts from vibrant to muted tones to mirror the transition from wakefulness to sleep.


The entire story takes place in a single room, reflecting the safety and comfort of home. This setting helps children feel secure as they prepare for sleep.


The little bunny serves as a relatable character for young readers, embodying their own bedtime routines and rituals.

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Goodnight Moon Best Reviews

  • 'Goodnight Moon is the perfect bedtime story, blending simple but evocative text with soothing illustrations.' - The New York Times
  • 'A timeless classic that has been beloved by generations, offering a comforting and familiar end to the day.' - The Guardian

Top Goodnight Moon Quotes

  • 'Goodnight room, goodnight moon.'
  • 'Goodnight stars, goodnight air, goodnight noises everywhere.'

Who should read Goodnight Moon?

'Goodnight Moon' is ideal for young children and their parents looking for a soothing bedtime story. Its gentle rhythm and comforting theme make it perfect for helping little ones wind down before sleep, while its beautiful illustrations captivate their imagination.

About the Author

Margaret Wise Brown (1910-1952) was an influential American author of children’s books. Known for her innovative approach to storytelling, she wrote numerous beloved classics, including 'Runaway Bunny' and 'The Important Book.' Her work is characterized by its poetic style and focus on the everyday experiences of children, making her a pioneer in the genre. Brown's collaboration with illustrator Clement Hurd resulted in some of the most cherished books in children’s literature.

Goodnight Moon FAQs

Why was the book 'Goodnight Moon' controversial?

When 'Goodnight Moon' was first published, it was controversial because it did not teach a moral lesson or take children on an adventure, as it stayed within the confines of a single room.

What is the lesson of 'Goodnight Moon'?

'Goodnight Moon' indirectly teaches the importance of bedtime rituals and the comfort found in familiar surroundings. It encourages adults to listen to children and appreciate their simple yet profound perspectives.