Ban This Book Book Summary

A Novel

by Alan Gratz52


In 'Ban This Book' by Alan Gratz, a fourth grader, Amy Anne, fights against censorship when her favorite book is removed from the school library.

What is Ban This Book about

'Ban This Book' by Alan Gratz is a middle-grade novel that addresses the theme of censorship through the story of Amy Anne, a shy fourth grader who stands up for her favorite book when it's banned from her school library. The book, inspired by real-life instances of book banning, explores themes of courage, activism, and the power of young voices to impact change. Amy Anne and her friends create a secret banned books library to combat the censorship, making for an engaging and thought-provoking narrative that encourages readers to stand up for their beliefs.

Ban This Book 5 Key Takeaways

Book Banning Incident

The story kicks off when Amy Anne's favorite book, 'From the Mixed-Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler,' is banned from her school library by a well-meaning parent.

Amy Anne's Reaction

Shy and soft-spoken Amy Anne is devastated by the banning of her favorite book and decides to take a stand against censorship.

Secret Library

Amy Anne, along with her friends, sets up a secret banned books library in a locker to make the banned books accessible to students.

Ridiculous Ban

To highlight the absurdity of the bans, Amy Anne and her friends come up with humorous reasons to ban every book in the library.

Taking a Stand

The students eventually confront the school board, leading to a stirring defense of the right to read and a victory against censorship.

Ban This Book Best Reviews

  • “Readers, librarians, and all those books that have drawn a challenge have a brand new hero.... Stand up and cheer, book lovers. This one’s for you." —Kathi Appelt, author of the Newbery Honor-winning 'The Underneath'
  • “Ban This Book is absolutely brilliant and belongs on the shelves of every library in the multiverse.” —Lauren Myracle, author of the bestselling 'Internet Girls' series
  • “Quick paced and with clear, easy-to-read prose, this is a book poised for wide readership and classroom use.” —Booklist

Top Ban This Book Quotes

  • “You’re never too young to fight censorship!”
  • “Stand up and cheer, book lovers. This one’s for you.”

Who should read Ban This Book?

'Ban This Book' is ideal for middle-grade readers who are interested in stories about courage, activism, and the power of young voices. It’s also a great read for educators and parents who want to discuss the importance of freedom of expression with their children.

About the Author

Alan Gratz is a prolific author known for his engaging and thought-provoking novels for young readers. His works often address significant social issues and historical events, making complex topics accessible to middle-grade audiences. Some of his notable books include 'Refugee,' 'Projekt 1065,' and 'Prisoner B-3087.' Gratz's ability to blend compelling narratives with educational themes has garnered him numerous awards and a dedicated readership.

Ban This Book FAQs

What is the main theme of 'Ban This Book'?

The main theme of 'Ban This Book' is censorship and the importance of standing up for the right to access diverse literature.

Who is the target audience for 'Ban This Book'?

'Ban This Book' is primarily targeted at middle-grade readers, but it also appeals to educators, parents, and anyone interested in the themes of censorship and youth activism.